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Who is not familiar with Goldfish? Goldfish is a freshwater fish species. Goldfish is also one of most commonly bought pets. Goldfish has been maintained since the year 475 BC in China. That so the quetion is How to care for a Gold Fish ?
From my experience How to care for a gold fish are as follow :
  1. Goldfish that need high oxygen levels. Aerator must sufficiently and water circulation should be sufficient to ensure oxygen levels.
  2. These fish are very sensitive to levels of chlorine. Make sure if you change the water, the chlorine levels should be as low possible. Water can be dried for at least 2 hour before, because chlorine is soluble in water will evaporate. Give the anti-chlorine.
  3.  Water must be always clean, filter should be adequate, water must priodically change.
  4. Goldfish are prone to infestation.
  5. Goldfish prefer a somewhat higher salinity. For the aquarium 100 liters coarse salt 2-3 tablespoons.
  6. Food should not be left until, give enough , early afternoon, not to be left over.
Ok so first tips I think good luck for more info How to care for a Goldfish please visit this link.
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